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Why the Hive.

The Hive ecosystem will give you the tools and confidence to apply newly learned hands-on skills at a major company. You’ll spend the first phase onsite at your nearby Hive hub where you and your peers will be coached in the details of taking live calls covering client products and policies.


Once this stage of development is over and the production phase begins, you and your Hive-mates will work onsite at the hub two days a week. The rest of the time you’ll spend in the comfort of your home offices, where a proprietary workplace platform, Bhive, featuring employee profiles, chats, and other opportunities for group interaction, helps keep the in-person energy flowing. 

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Who you are.

  • If you have been a self-starter, dreamer, and are generally curious about people, we welcome you in the Hive.

  • You embrace being part of a team whose common goal is helping others make important consumer decisions.

  • Your empathetic listening skills are great and you have the ability to accurately communicate verbally and in writing.

  • Your strong ability to “connect the dots” and follow up on leads is another key element in meeting your goal: delivering the highest quality customer satisfaction and an exemplary work ethic.

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Becoming a Medicare
Sales + Enrollment Specialist.



Applying to the Hive is the first part of your

journey. Send us your information and we will reach out with the next steps of the hiring process.



Our bootcamp curriculum allows you to apply skills in hands-on situations without the fear of making mistakes. At each step, you’ll receive guidance to boost proficiency and instill confidence.



The training process consists of a paid 9-week in-person licensing program. You’ll receive all the support you need in a positive and fun environment.



Once you complete the program and demonstrate mastery, you’ll make your transition to the employer of choice while maintaining ties to the Hive hub for in-person connection and continued career growth.

Your career path.

Health Producer Licensing Exam

First Day




Licensing Training

Onsite Job


Begin Hybrid

A day in the life on the job.

Translating your aspirations to reality—i.e., transitioning from the Hive to working directly for a leading company—will require mastery of these skill sets once you hit production. 

Answering incoming inquiries from prospective members to learn about their healthcare needs and recommend products that meet their expectations.

Following up with existing members to answer questions and engage them in discussing current and new products and services.

Documenting information in various computer programs while maintaining active listening and rapport with members.

Assisting with enrollment applications over the phone, staying consistent with product requirements and enrollment guidelines.

Meeting specific performance, attendance, and consumer-experience goals.

The Perks.

Immersive Training

Hit the ground running. Learn hands-on skills tailored specifically to an existing job opening at a major company.

Hybrid Work Environment

Have the best of both worlds.

Work from home and interact with people at your local Hive hub.

Job Fulfillment

Create a climate of clarity and trust as you help people navigate essential decisions and processes.

Professional Career Pathing

Set your career in motion. Leverage your job at a well-known company to chart your career course and achieve your goals.

Community Building

Strengthen pride in your

community through local Hive activities and broader engagement with world-class employers.

Sense of Security

Excel in an environment that sets you up for success in a job with a major employer.

Join the Hive today.

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