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Welcome to the Hive.

The Hive is a fast track to building a solid career helping people navigate service offerings in multiple business sectors. All you need is natural smarts, initiative, and the drive to succeed. We pay for training, licenses, and other credentials to prepare you for existing jobs at iconic companies.


With the beehive as our inspiration, the Hive embodies a way of working where people are not just employees, but part of a dynamic, thriving, and productive community.

The Hive Way

Bees are known for their hard work - busy as a bee - and also for their remarkable collaboration - hive of activity - in serving the greater good. In the Hive, such traits benefit your family, friends, and neighbors. They're also felt by the consumers of services you’ll be helping through our program of paid-training and professional career-pathing designed exclusively for you and your Hive-mates.


What’s more, after initial training with your hometown team, you can work remotely part of the time, but still connect with peers - cross-pollination - at your Hive hub and other spots that sustain the place where you live.




1338 Commerce Ave
Longview, WA 9863




4070 27th Ct. SE

Salem, OR 97302




6400 E Grant Rd. STE 350

Tucson, AZ 85715 




448 Lake Lida Ln 
Rochelle, IL, 6106

Our Culture

Hive is dedicated to getting things done as a group while nurturing individual autonomy that empowers people to be accountable for their personal and professional growth. Our ecosystem generates a virtuous cycle of trust, authenticity, and satisfaction in achievement stemming from our core values.


Humans are hard-wired for healthy connection. Unlock the power by working alongside other members of your community who want to build their careers while nurturing friendships beyond the office.


Everyone- no matter their role-
is front and center. Our virtual workplace platform, Bhive, provides access and visibility to coworkers, both building trust and making working together easy and fun.


People flourish when they love where and how they work. Our culture blends working from home with the option of going to a physical workplace so you can experience in-person interaction.


A sense of purpose keeps

people on course, while a steady diet of diligent practices

unleashes skills that pave the way toward your future success.


We won’t accept the status quo. Instead, we invent, develop, and deliver on initiatives that keep us thriving in a changing world. Bring your ideas to work and we’ll listen.


We never miss a chance to celebrate as our team helps countless customers and makes a difference every day. This translates to an optimistic outlook, propelling continued achievement.

Enter the Hive

Are you ready to explore how a career helping people understand essential products and services could transform your life and your community?

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Join the Hive today.

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